This design space has been constructed to support programme design for <insert programme title here> from the Faculty of <insert faculty title>. The Programme Leader is <insert name>, s/he can be reached via the forums, email or by phone <insert/delete details as appropriate>.

Each section covers the key design challenges across the process; the forums, wikis and resources have been provided to support discussion and design decisions as the new programme develops. The design space discussions, draft documentation 

The final documentation will be collated by the Programme Leader (or designate) for validation panel.

We are proud to announce a LAND Affiliated Symposium in the format of a webinar. This Symposium sets in the context of the development of a Special Issue (SI) in Landscape and Urban Planning (LAND) - Food Growing in the City. 

The aim of this SI is to explore food growing as a model and strategy for future urban landscapes, examined in the context of modern urban dynamics and societal demands. 

This webinar seeks to contribute to the process of SI development. It is organised by the prospective guest editor(s) and attended by SI contributors. With a clear goal of high quality SI development, through engaged discussions among the prospective SI manuscript authors, not only can the symposium help build cohesiveness, which is an important virtue of a good SI, but it also cultivates the emergence of new ideas.